selamat malam menjelang pagi!

so, it’s been a few months absent from blogging. dan entah kenapa akhir-akhir ini jadi kangen lagi nulis sesuatu. walaupun emang tulisan-tulisan sebelumnya lebih ke arah info, kabar, ataupun hal-hal lain yang berkaitan sama personal interest daripada update-an personal life.

jadi, udah satu bulan lebih sejak handphone yang katanya smart itu masuk ke bengkel, yap, si bebe(k) hitam tiba-tiba gagal loading. berbekal kartu garansi akhirnya dia mesti dirawat inap di jakarta. now, i’m currently using the 2009 cellphone from smart. kecil, putih, masih monophonic dan monochrome tapi cukup membantu lah walaupun kadang masalah di speaker. it’s really hard times, you know, how we could live smart without smartphone. sounds really materialistic but it’s true. sekarang malah kepikiran untuk beralih ke lain hati. beritanya, perusahaan blackberry baru saja mem-phk ribuan karyawannya. lagipula, samsung dan iphone terus membuat terobosan baru, dan keliatannya ke depan blackberry bakal tergeser sepenuhnya dari indonesia sejak bbm officially available in android and ios.


because of some free times, i managed to watch 2 dramas in a row. the first one was Dr. Jin, 2012 korean drama which based on japanese manga. the story about a modern surgeon who travel back to the joseon era in 1860’s to have a second chance life and the fate to keep his girl alive. something i learned from this drama is, whether it’s will or fate can keep you survive depends to how much you believe one of them. if you really willing to do something, you probably could change the fate.

and the last one titled 내게 거짓말을 해봐, or in english Lie to Me (2011). the plot is quite simple actually, fun, and quoting from it, the whole story told that sometimes inside a lie, hides the truth which is more passionate than the reality. for some people, love just come as a lie, and who would know if the lie becomes love. fyi, in this drama yoon eun-hye shown 3 different hair style, and she really looks pretty at the last one-third of 16 episodes with her short brown hair. both of the dramas are nice and really refreshing, i would recommend the last one though.

Lie to Me poster

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