Bleak Night

Movie Poster

So, it was like the third time I watched this movie and I suddenly remember that the story was actually happened in my past. The story tells about high school friendship, and you can read the review by dramabeans here. Since it is a really good movie, I really recommend you to watch this.

Ironically, I could have put myself as Dongyoon, to leave a friend without giving him a second chance or even explanation. Everything was okay until it hit some point that I (and almost other guys) felt that the situation had changed. It all clearly described in the movie. How this friend became over and out-of-control, like commanding people and so on. Everybody felt that they were the followers rather than a friendship relation, had no choices or even right to do anything.

Everything so high up to the point that it needs teacher involvement. We talked and opened up to each other. It was really long night, I couldn’t even see the end. And I think I was being selfish back then, waiting for apologise and didn’t remedy myself. Fortunately, no one died, only left with awkwardness between him and everybody.

It was a real Bleak Night.


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