Just want to share my opinion to this new music video from Taeyang called Ringa Linga. First, after I see the title it reminds me of Sunny Hill whom said this phrase in one of their song. I can not remember what was the title of the song, but because of that music video I became fan of Sunny Hill. Ling-a-ling a-ling…

And then I watched Taeyang’s video, which only the dance performance (wait ’til Nov 9 for the real one), there’re many foreign backdancers. And this also reminds me of JYJ’s Xia Junsu whom always use foreigner as his backdancer. I don’t say that is bad, infact I like multi-race performance.

My third comment is the music video itself. The first 20 seconds is enough to compare this dance performance video to EXO’s Growl. Angle of the camera, dance concept, and style. Even though Taeyang and EXO are in different genre, but for me the MVs look similar.

Ringa Linga is good though, nice music. And Taeyang is a really great performer. But for the MV, umm… not the best from him.


One thought on “Taeyang’s RINGA LINGA

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