Another fun thing from YouTube!

It’s quite new, and actually I just found them yesterday through my Korean-Indonesian group on Facebook.
So, the channel is called Kindonesia, which an abbreviation for ‘Korea-Indonesia’ made by Lee, Korean who had lived in Indonesia for 3 years. For some reason, he really interested in the country and then decided to introduce more of it to his friends in Korea.

Lee and his friends already made 2 reaction videos on their YouTube channel. The videos showed 3 friends of him answering the questions given from Lee about a topic. Although video reaction is well known for youtubers, the difference for Kindonesia is simply because of the topics are only (so far) about Indonesia and Korea.
It’s really interesting and quite funny to see how Korean react to Indonesian culture and trend. It also provided with Korean taste of Bahasa Indonesia translation. Besides, the videos are done great and professionally.

Here’s their first episode of Kindonesia Reaction (subscribe if you like it).

Find out more about them on Twitter


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